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Don Papa

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The Festival of Smiles

Light and shade. Tranquility and exuberance. Subtlety and vibrance.
Contrast means everything for the residents of Negros and every October,
the unique flavour and character of this incredible island comes to life.
MassKara: the Festival Of Smiles celebrates the marriage of passionate
community spirit and a richness of the soul; where the streets echo with
the sound of music and dancing; awash with colour and joyful vitality.


This colour-filled annual Festival was founded during an island crisis. Locally harvested sugarcane prices fell, impacting livelihoods, and sent morale across Negros Island falling too. Determined to lift the spirits of the people, the town leaders decided to hold a Fiesta to return smiles to the local’s faces – a “Festival of Smiles”.

Now, 40 years have passed, but the a visual fanfare of dancers parading the streets of Negros Island has become one of the Philippines biggest, most exuberant celebrations, drawing revelers from all over the globe to experience the resilience and joyful spirit of the Negrenses.