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Don Papa

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Don Papa Masskara is our tribute to this wondrous and life-affirming event, celebrating the resilience and personality of the finest noble sugar cane and the people who cultivate it.

We carefully blend our American oak-aged rum with an especially distilled infusion of calamansi (an indigenous fruit, famed for its intense citrus notes) and the wild siling labuyo chilli, to bring a gentle warming, tingling heat, before adding local tropical honey for a final layer of sweet complexity.

Don Papa Masskara

Tasting Notes


Immediately beautifully bright, vibrant and fruity, with swathes of sweet vanilla, toasted sugar and fresh lime peel, alongside fragrant, ripe clementines and exotic flower nectar.


Rich, unctuous and sweet, with dark wild honey and milk chocolate notes, infused with orange oil. Then comes a surprising burst of heat from the siling labuyo chilli, which coats the mouth alongside a warming, dry oakiness.


A distinct aromatic zestiness lingers in the mouth,
alongside bittersweet dark chocolate and cinnamon notes.