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Don Papa

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The Festival of Smiles

Imagine the heart of the jungle: where no sensible fellow would go.
Imagine the trees that reign there, and the unnamed flora that grow.
Imagine the jade-black carpet, the drums, and the horns that blow,
As strange and resplendent creatures come, and the sweetest libations flow.
Imagine the splendid frenzy, the clocks drawn achingly slow.
Imagine that place you have not yet been, and yet somehow, wildly, know.


Inspired by the masked fiesta and fantasy filled Masskara Festival, Don Papa Masskara is a premium infused rum from the Philippines, using only indigenous spices, fruit and honey.

This rum is married with a pot still infusion of calamansi and siling labuyo, sweetened with local honey, creating a wonderfully rich and complex spirit.